Part 2: 2022 New California Employment Laws – SB 331 Expands the Law Limiting the Use of Non-Disclosure and Non-Disparagement Provisions in Employment Law Discrimination & Harassment Suits

Governor Newsom’s recent list of new employment laws, set to go into effect January 1, 2022, includes a number of changes to wage theft repercussions, employee severance agreements, leaves of absence, and more. Among these additions is SB 331, which … Read More

Part 1: 2022 New California Employment Laws – Increased Minimum Wage to Also Go Into Effect Amongst Back-to-Work Incentives

Several new employment laws have been cleared for 2022 this past year, adding and changing clauses concerning non-disclosure agreements, expansion of the CA Family Right Act, wage theft, and several others amid unprecedented back-to-work incentives. Although it’s not a new … Read More

DOJ Suggests Long-Haul COVID-19 Be Added as a Disability Under the ADA

A recent study by the University of Michigan into the divided effects of long-haul COVID-19 on different cultural backgrounds reached an unfortunate conclusion: Black patients were found to experience challenges in returning to work after recovering from COVID-19, taking nearly … Read More

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