Reddock-Wright’s Areas of Expertise.

Angela Reddock-Wright is a highly-recognized force in the legal community for her work as an employment and labor law attorney, former litigator, mediator, arbitrator, workplace and Title IX sexual assault investigator, human resources, workplace, hazing, and bullying expert.

She has earned honors among The Best Lawyers in America® for 2020 list in the field of Labor & Employment law and a top California Employment, Woman and Minority Lawyer among other honors.

Reddock-Wright brings nearly 25 years legal experience and a passion for breaking down complex legal issues for general audiences. She quickly became the media’s go-to source to discuss the legal approach to highly publicized cases, most recently on the Harvey Weinstein cases and the resulting impact of the #MeToo movement.

Reddock-Wright has worked as a media legal analyst and commentator since 2002, and she understands the best approaches to deliver insightful information in a compelling manner.

Workplace Law, Mediation, Arbitration and Investigations

A former employment law litigator for 15 years out of her 20+ years of practicing, Reddock-Wright’s practice centers on the mediation, arbitration and investigation of employment and labor law and workplace conflicts.

Her in-depth knowledge and experience are the main reason why employers and employees, and their legal counsel retain her to assist in resolving their most sensitive of conflicts through neutral processes such as mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution processes. Public, private, and non-profit sector employers also retain her to conduct independent and neutral investigations of workplace harassment, discrimination, and other claims.

Expanding beyond the outcome of a particular case, Reddock-Wright focuses on implementing comprehensive training programs and anti-harassment education to promote great and healthy work environments. This is her life’s mission and passion.

General Topics:

  • Employment, Labor & Title IX Law 
  • Workplace & Title IX Investigations
  • Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
  • Workplace & Human Resources Trends

Specific Topics:

  • Wrongful Termination & Retaliation
  • #MeToo/Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination & Harassment (all forms)
  • Title IX/Sexual Assault Claims (Schools, Colleges & Universities)
  • Hazing & Bullying (Schools, Colleges & Universities)
  • Gender, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
  • Equal Pay & Pay Equity
  • Wage & Hour Claims

Most recently, Reddock-Wright was featured in studio on Atlanta, Georgia-based Court TV on the day that the Harvey Weinstein New York criminal jury verdict came out, where she discussed the impact of the Weinstein case and the overall #MeToo movement on issues of sexual harassment, assault and violence in the workplace and beyond.

#MeToo & Sexual Harassment

The corporate world shook at its core in 2017; that’s when the #MeToo movement erupted into a national force. As victims came out in droves to share their experiences, many CEOs and prominent business figures fell from grace, and companies scrambled to initiate change.

Reddock-Wright brings her background as a former litigator, trained mediator and arbitrator, and certified workplace investigator to corporations, organizations, and institutions to develop comprehensive training programs and anti-harassment education.

Reddock-Wright has been a featured media commentator multiple times surrounding the Harvey Weinstein case, the #MeToo movement and related cases with several media outlets, including most recently in studio on Court TV on the day the Weinstein New York criminal verdict came out. Reddock-Wright also has provided expert commentary on the Bill Cosby case and the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation for USA Today and other notable media outlets.

Title IX Sexual Assault & Violence Claims

Not all harassment cases occur in the corporate world. Reddock-Wright has vast experience conducting Title IX investigations in instances where K-12 public and private schools, and colleges and universities have received complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, and other claims.

In addition to her investigative work, Reddock-Wright also serves as a mediator and provides expert witness services in such cases, and conducts compliance training.

Reddock-Wright’s expertise in Title IX investigations and mediation includes:

  • Sexual Harassment, Assault & Misconduct
  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Stalking
  • Due process
  • Academic Misconduct

Reddock-Wright most recently served as a legal commentator across various media outlets, including Time Magazine, to discuss the nationwide college admissions scandals and related topics.


Despite schools and institutions working tirelessly to eliminate bullying and hazing, there are still many cases today, and some of those have resulted in the loss of life.

Reddock-Wright began defending victims in the late 2000s. One such case was against San Jose State University and a sorority hazing ritual that left a victim with multiple injuries. There was also a culture of fear – some going even as far as repeating the mantra “snitches get stitches.”

Reddock-Wright fought on behalf of the victim, saying that the university did not provide enough security and safety for that student, and did not uphold its own policies against hazing.

This is a fight Reddock-Wright believes needs to be continued today across all college campuses where hazing cases have arisen in the Greek life, on athletics teams, and in cheerleading squads.

The nation’s university system is not alone. Several institutions have faced hazing allegations, where the abuse of new members is very much a part of the “behind-the-scenes” culture. One area where this practice still plagues is within some of the fire departments.