The Workplace Transformed: The Critical Role of Human Resources (HR) In the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

the-workplace-transformedSince the start of my career, I have been deeply fascinated with HR specialists. In fact, they are some of my favorite people in the world, and with good reason. Their role has become much more pivotal and impactful over the past two and a half years. In today’s workplace, their influence is undeniable, and their responsibilities go far above and beyond administering benefits, recruiting, screening, hiring, and onboarding employees, among other duties. I regard them as the cultural change-makers within our organizations.

As we navigate this new world of work, HR specialists serve as strategic partners and influential leaders closely collaborating with company executives and management, guiding them toward post-pandemic success. Therefore, I totally support the idea of elevating the role of HR to a higher ground and empowering them to bring about much-needed changes to the future of work. That’s what inspired me to dedicate the first chapter of my new book, The Workplace Transformed, to Human Resources – their role, influence, and ability to potentially transform their organizations for the better – both for employers and employees alike. 

So why is the role of HR so crucial to organizational success, more than ever before? There are many important issues that need to be addressed in the workplace. Many of the issues that have been on the back-burner for too long, have skyrocketed to the top of the priority list, putting enormous pressure on HR to bring them back to the front and to develop specific solutions. It’s safe to say that HR specialists are in a race against time to ensure that both employees and employers overcome biggest setbacks and get back into the swing of things as soon as possible.

At a time when many employees are working remotely and still trying to adjust to new working arrangements, it’s incumbent on HR not only to mitigate employee concerns, but also develop new ways to encourage, inspire and motivate them to perform at the highest level, while operating as dedicated, productive, and collaborative team members.  And of course, we should keep in mind that many employees are experiencing feelings of isolation, while managing their own mental, emotional, and financial challenges caused by the prolonged pandemic – not to mention, the potential economic recession looming on the horizon.  Times are indeed challenging, and the stakes are high.  

While determining how to best engage remote employees is an urgent matter that requires a great deal of attention, creativity, business acumen and good judgement, there are so many other challenges confronting HR. From attracting and hiring remote job candidates and modifying company culture, to embracing innovative technologies and implementing DEI strategies, the long list of things to do, problems to address, and strategies to bring to fruition has never been more extensive, challenging and pressing. Who is responsible for ensuring that things go smoothly? Without a doubt, HR specialists and leaders have their work cut out for them.

I discuss each of these issues in more detail in my new book as everyone is looking to HR to deliver well-thought-out solutions and help navigate organizations into an uncertain future. 

One school of thought is that a company or organization is only as good as its employees. In addition to this, I would add that a company is only as good as its HR department. A strong HR department and a productive team can go a long way toward fostering positive relations between employers and employees, and into building healthy, thriving, mission and values-driven organizations.  

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