The Workplace Transformed: Redesigning the Employee Experience


New Ways to Engage Employees and Build Your Strongest Team Ever

Now that for the most part, remote jobs have become the new normal of today’s workplace, businesses and organizations are working diligently to determine how to build strong, productive, and successful teams, while cultivating a team spirit among remote workers. Most business professionals would agree that motivating workers in remote jobs is no easy feat. Once employees are no longer required to report to the office every morning and engage in daily face-to-face interactions with their colleagues and bosses, it is absolutely crucial that business leaders develop innovative ways to incentivize their teams, help them maintain and increase productivity, and bring out the best in each worker. After all, a company is only as good as its most engaged employees. 

Remember the pre-pandemic times when working from home and avoiding a tedious, tiresome, and frustrating daily commute seemed like a dream come true, at least for some people? While there are multiple undeniable advantages to remote working arrangements, many individuals feel isolated and stressed. Let’s face it: Hybrid work is here to stay, and the needs of those who feel socially adrift cannot be ignored. 

Without a doubt, workers have gone through unprecedented challenges during the pandemic –  something very few of them had ever envisioned or were adequately prepared for. We all have been caught by surprise when the global health crisis emerged out of nowhere, striking a heavy blow to our personal and professional lives and turning everything upside down. 

Evidence shows that in the new world of work, a majority of employees no longer seem to be content with financial rewards, promotions or salary increases. While enjoying a steady paycheck certainly has its advantages, it takes much more than financial incentives to keep most employees motivated and enthusiastic about their jobs, which explains The Great Resignation sweeping the nation in the wake of Covid-19. Employees want more meaning in their lives, more quality time with their loved ones, and better opportunities to utilize their potential as opposed to going through the motions on a daily basis. The pandemic forced most of us to develop a fresh new outlook on life, our jobs, careers, and relationships. In addition, many people realize that they should be taking better care of their emotional, physical, and mental well-being which invariably created a sense of urgency among employers to keep employees motivated and happy. 

Why is it essential that employers commit to and develop new ways to engage workers, especially those working remote jobs? According to multiple studies, the connection between employees and their company plays a huge role in how successful, productive, and efficient the organization actually is and how profitable it is going to be in the future. It is well-documented that companies showing a deeper appreciation for their teams, tend to rise above their circumstances and get ahead of their competitors – even in times of immense and unprecedented challenges. Simply put, it’s the high performing and motivated workforce that drives business success. Therefore, I can’t stress enough the significance of developing a new “post-pandemic approach” to inspiring workers and providing all the tools, guidance, and resources employees need to deliver the best results possible. In fact, more than ever before, employers are being held accountable for the work conditions they create and the environment they foster. 

So what specific steps should companies take to invigorate and engage their workforce and make sure everyone is on the same page and moving in the right direction? From new and fresh health and wellness initiatives to virtual team building, and from deeper appreciation for each worker and inciting genuine compassion among team members, there are lessons to be learned from the pandemic that should help organizations take better care of their workforce and inspire them to contribute to the best of their ability. In my new book, The Workplace Transformed, you will learn a few crucial strategies to engage the post-pandemic workforce and discover new ways to build successful and efficient teams. 


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