A Few Main Reasons Why I Wrote ‘The Workplace Transformed’

I decided to write this book at a time when many employers and employees are struggling to adjust to new working conditions and discover new ways to survive and get ahead in the post-COVID-19 pandemic world. It is my hope that readers from all walks of life will benefit significantly from the strategies, insights and ideas outlined in this book that may prove to be of great value in the “new normal.”

Readers will be introduced to the 4Es and 3Ds of the new workplace- my innovative formula for success in the workplace as we continue to navigate the pandemic and its ramifications for workers and organizations alike.  I explain why it’s crucial to ELEVATE the role of HR, to gain a deeper appreciation for ESSENTIAL workers, and to acknowledge and understand the rise in EMPLOYEE activism. In addition, I share new alternatives to the DAILY commute as we know it, outline specific and much-needed strategies for DISASTER and crisis preparedness, and for DISCERNING the legal challenges that inevitably arise in the workplace during unprecedented times. 

While most people are striving to recover from the pandemic and to get back to life as we once knew it, as COVID cases continue to rise, it is clear we are not out of the woods just yet.  I want this time in history to serve as a reminder about what really matters.  I am hopeful that my book will urge as many people as possible to pin this moment in time and help each of us to become more intentional in our thinking about what the new future of work looks like.  

This is the reason I wrote The Workplace Transformed. It’s an opportunity for all of us to take a “collective breath,” to reflect upon our past, contemplate our future and come out on top.

As someone who is optimistic about life and all that it brings, I believe the challenges brought on by the pandemic can be transformed into bigger, better, and more amazing opportunities for us all.  In other words, the global calamity can be turned into lessons learned and make all of us stronger, wiser, more insightful, and more resilient.  My book brings this positive outlook and emphasizes that good things can come from bad.  It reminds us that every setback, no matter how formidable, always has a silver lining. 

I believe that my background as a former employment and labor law attorney, turned mediator and conflict resolution specialist, enables me to provide insights, tools and recommended solutions that will hopefully resonate with both employers and employees alike.  

Sadly, the wrenching pain of these two and a half years cannot be reversed or alleviated. The amazing Dr. Maya Angelou, whom I quote in my book, stated it best: “History despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Let’s take Dr. Angelou’s advice and together move forward with courage, hope and profound reflection on what we have endured and learned and how we walk into a future that is full of hope and light.  

As a reader, I hope you will enjoy reading my book and will walk away feeling empowered and challenged to join in the discussion of The Workplace Transformed on LinkedIn @Angela Reddock-Wright, and Facebook and Instagram @iamangelareddockwright. 

You can also find the links to purchase the book, and to book me for speaking, podcast, book club and signings and meetings on my website at www.angelareddock-wright.com.  

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