Angela Reddock-Wright Discusses Proposed California’s ‘Right to Disconnect’ Law

A man who’s returning home from work, relieved that he can finally relax without having to worry about communicating with his employer about work-related issues, a situation that Angela Reddock-Wright explores as a legal commentator on ‘right to disconnect’ laws that have recently been proposed.A controversial proposed law is sending shockwaves through workplaces, and it surrounds the age-old battle of work-life balance. The law is CA Assembly Bill 2751. Commonly referred to as the ‘right to disconnect’ law, which will require employers to clearly establish working hours with employees to set boundaries regarding when an employer can legally contact an employee. As a thought leader and legal commentator on ‘right to disconnect’ laws and all other employment law matters, my passion is informing the public about such groundbreaking changes to employment law. 

For employers and employees alike, these changes are essential to understand. So, let’s get into this new law and how it is poised to reshape the culture and regulations that govern workplaces. 

About the Proposed ‘Right to Disconnect’ Law for Employees

A newly proposed California law could protect employees from having to answer emails and calls from their employer after work hours. This newly proposed California law would give employees the ‘right to disconnect’ from jobs during non-working hours. 

Matt Haney, an Assemblymember from San Francisco, first introduced the bill in February, which has been named Assembly Bill 2751. Essentially, this proposed law allows employees to disconnect from all communications from their employer during non-working hours. 

If passed, this law would make California the first state to create a ‘right to disconnect’ law protecting employees. As a subject matter expert and legal commentator on the ‘right to disconnect’ law, we can look to countries like Australia, Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain to gain insights into how this law will work and its impact on the employment law landscape.

Let’s explore the potential implications of this law. 

ARW: Legal Commentator on ‘Right to Disconnect’ and its Implications

Essentially, employees would have the right to ignore communications during non-working hours “except for an emergency or for scheduling, as defined.” All public and private employers would have to create a workplace policy that allows employees the right to disconnect. 

In fact, the expectation will be that employers will lay out the expected working hours in employment contracts ahead of time and give state labor authorities the power to investigate and fine companies that demonstrate a pattern of encroaching on their employees’ personal time. 

One of the biggest potential effects of this law would be that it would require employers to establish non-working hours with employees per a written agreement, and employees could then file a complaint of a pattern of violation with the California Labor Commissioner. 

If an employer has been found guilty of violations, it would be punishable by a fine. While it has not been passed or signed into law, it has been referred to the Assembly Labor Committee to be heard. 

To learn more about the ever evolving changes to the workplace, you can read my book, The Workplace Transformed. Educating the public on these matters was a huge reason I wrote this work.

Thought Leader & Legal Commentator on ‘Right to Disconnect’

Changes to employment law have a huge influence on the work environment and culture that employers and employees must operate within. Understanding these recent shifts is not a luxury. It is essential for businesses to have a firm grasp of these law changes and groundbreaking precedents to avoid liability, lawsuits, and costly mistakes, and it is crucial for employees to understand their rights. As a thought leader and legal commentator on ‘right to disconnect’ laws and all aspects of employment law, I am uniquely positioned and qualified to provide expert insight and analysis on all employment law issues. These issues can be complex, so you need a seasoned legal professional to shed light on them. My passion is being a beacon in uncertain times of transition that provides that light. 

Angela Reddock-Wright: Legal Commentator on ‘Right to Disconnect’ and Other Breaking Employment Law News

I am a former employment and labor law attorney turned mediator, ADR, and conflict resolution specialist who believes it is crucial to stay current with groundbreaking changes to employment law for employees and employers alike. My passion is educating the general public on recent developments in employment law and the workplace trends that impact them as a thought leader and legal commentator on ‘right to disconnect’ laws and all aspects of employment law. My more than 20 years of experience as a media legal analyst and contributor have led to my own radio show on Tavis Smiley’s KBLA Talk 1580, “Legal Lens with Angela Reddock.” I also am a regular speaker and blogger on employment law and issues related to the workplace.




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