Angela J. Reddock-Wright

Reddcock Law Group

Los Angeles


Since opening her firm in 2011, Reddock-Wright’s practice has focused on investigating workplace misconduct and Title IX investigations. 

A longtime litigator before launching her firm, Reddock-Wright finds she still taps into those skills to help her strengthen policies and narratives for several high-profile organizations. 

“There was a need for experienced investigators and mediators who had gone the distance of several litigated cases and really understood worst-case scenarios,” she said. “I thought I could bring that experience to investigations.” 



This past year, Reddock-Wright has seen her work expand beyond her expectations. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Reddock-Wright has helped the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union upgrade its policies on reporting harassment claims and providing immediate assistance for those who come forward.

“It’s about ensuring that the policy has more teeth so that members feel comfortable coming forward and have a clear process for coming forward.” 

Reddock-Wright was also hired to oversee compliance for contractor and local worker diversity and inclusion for Los Angeles International Airport’s $5 billion infrastructure project. The plan will include several upgrades to the airport’s physical plant, and include a new transport system that will ferry passengers between terminals, a new consolidated rental car facility and access to the Metro. 

In this role, Reddock-Wright ensures that local union workers and contractors have the chance to work on this multi-year project. 

“That comes from my passion, my understanding and practice of employment law,” Reddock-Wright said. “When it comes to local hires, the rules are that these employees are paid prevailing and livable wages, given their opportunities and not discriminated against or harassed in any way.” 

Reddock-Wright also co-manages the labor agreements connected with The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, where the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams will play their home games beginning in 2020. The job gives her the chance to hire local businesses and make sure they’re a part of the area’s economic development.

“To be a part of two projects that really serve as an economic engine for Southern California is exciting,” she said. “They allowed me to combine my work that I do as an employment lawyer with my commitment and passion for community.” 

Recently, Reddock-Wright was installed as president of the Southern California Mediation Association. A mediator and arbitrator on top of her other duties, Reddock-Wright called the appointment “an honor.” 

“I feel fortunate,” she said. “I’ve reached a place where I get to do things that have meaning, and I’m happy about that.” 

— Jennifer Chung Klam