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Named to The Best Lawyers in America® for 2020 list in the field of Labor & Employment law, a top California Employment and Woman Lawyer among other honors, Angela Reddock-Wright, Esq., AWI-CH is a distinguished, long-time employment and labor law attorney, former litigator, mediator, arbitrator, workplace investigator, television commentator, mass media and production advisor on topical headlines surrounding employment and labor law, workplace discrimination, #MeToo, sexual and other harassment claims, retaliation, gender pay and equity, Title IX sexual assault, hazing, bullying and other claims, violations, and cases.

When it comes to workplace issues, Reddock-Wright is known as the “workplace guru” and is well-regarded for staying up-to-date on and providing insightful commentary on the latest trends in the ever changing worlds of employment and labor law, Title IX sexual assault law, human resources and workplace trends, and hazing and bullying in schools and higher education.

Reddock-Wright brings decades of extensive case experience, knowledge of the law and the workplace, and sharp media acumen to deliver in-depth and insightful commentary for your television, radio, print, podcast, and online coverage of the nation’s biggest employment law, Title IX, hazing, bullying, human resources, and workplace related stories.

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